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Our Mission

To create an online community dedicated to the truth of scripture through learning, teaching, and fellowship all for the glory of God alone .

What We Do

We provide ways for Christians to fellowship, learn, and grow around God's truth. We do this through two main ways, creating and sharing content and providing ways for the body to fellowship both in person and digitally.

(Fellowship online is not, nor should it ever be considered, a suitable replacement for in person fellowship with a local church body)

We Create

We publish online articles and other content to help you learn and grow in your understanding and Christian faith about God, Jesus, Scripture and more.

We Fellowship

Iron sharpens iron. So we've built a community forum, and church directory with our goal of blessing the global church and strengthening its members for greater service.

Who We are

We Are Reformed is a free, online resource that provides a Community Forum, Reformed Church Directory and more. We exist primarily outside the realm of secular social media platforms that are growing increasingly hostile towards true biblical Christianity. While you can still find us on Facebook and other similar social media, our main focus is here.

We Are Reformed was founded in late 2020, and went live mid 2021. It's lead by a group of like minded Reformed Christians whose desire is to provide a set of resources and community that's biblically based.

Please note that We Are Reformed is not a church and we encourage you to find a church near you using our Church Directory.

What We Believe

We Are Reformed follows the ancient statements of faith and affirms the historic Christian faith as expressed in the five solas of the Reformation and the consensus of the historic Reformed confessions.

We submit to the Bible alone as our only infallible rule for faith and practice within the Christian faith.
Read our Statement of Beliefs
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