A New Way Forward

Author:  We Are Reformed
Date: July 9, 2021

If you look at the reformed community on Facebook and other social platforms, you'll notice a trend.

  1. We are at the mercy of social media giants who are becoming increasingly hostile towards biblical Christianity. This means they will use any excuse to shut us down, silence our groups, and more.
  2. Most social platforms are limited in how we can gather together and converse, or how we can learn and grow.
  3. We are scattered across multiple groups and platforms based on age, status, hobbies/interests, and more.

For example, Facebook groups. Facebook groups are horrible in how they display new or trending content, you can't create sub-groups/categories so you're stuck sorting through, often times, meaningless or irrelevant content. You have to join multiple groups and pages just to get more irrelevant content in hopes of eventually finding that golden nugget. And the search function for groups is even worse...

We could go on about the direction this is heading, but in truth we are a scattered remnant thanks to big social that despises us. So what's the solution?

To create a place or community where the most common tools and resources are available. Where you can find new Reformed Resources, search for a Reformed friendly church, or where you can join an online community forum to discuss a variety of topics such as theology, parenting, fitness, and more without all the aforementioned mess.

Join us today at https://wearereformed.com/community/ and help us create a new way forward.

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