We Are Reformed and Always Reforming

Author:  We Are Reformed
Date: September 21, 2021

We Are Reformed

What do we mean when we say We Are Reformed? We mean that the Reformation, particularly what's referred to as the Calvinistic aspects of the Reformation, correctly understood and applied the Bible in a manner that helped purify Christian doctrine, the Church, and individual Christians. The insights of the Reformers into the Word of God were summarized and preserved in the confessions and catechisms of the Reformed churches. Those teachings were true then and are still true today. They represent an amazing accomplishment of the Reformation. We still hold to them and in that sense We Are Reformed.

Always Reforming (Semper Reformanda)

Does that mean we are done? No, we recognize that every generation not only needs to relearn what it means to be Reformed, but every generation also needs to be in the process of Always Reforming. This means all Christians need to be always reforming because we are sinners and as such we fail to understand and follow God’s truth as we should. We also recognize that the Reformers were sinners,and did not understand everything perfectly. This means we strive to always reform ourselves and the lives of our churches by returning again and again to the Word of God to allow it to reform us. Always Reforming does not mean we allow clever insights our present world to change the biblical inheritance and understanding we have received from the Reformation. It means doing what the Reformers before us and turning to the Word of God and allowing it to change us instead of us trying to change it.

Our Continuation

This means that while we recognize the amazing work that the Reformers, and those after have laid forth, we will continue to allow the Word of God to guide and correct us when necessary while holding true to our Reformed foundations.

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