Hopewell Presbyterian Church

James Hakim
Psalmody Only:
Church Address:
3886 Hopewell Road

Hopewell ARP Church is a Biblical, Reformed, Presbyterian church, serving the Lord.

Hopewell's doctrine and practice are officially the historic, Reformed, Presbyterian doctrine and practice of the ARP Synod, as defined in the Standards of our church, namely the Westminster Confession of Faith, Larger Catechism, and Shorter Catechism (together with the Form of Government, Book of Discipline, Directory of Private and Family Worship and Directory for Public Worship).

We are inclusive psalmody with predominantly Psalms and scripture paraphrases. We use the blue ARP Psalter and the recent Trinity Psalter Hymnal. Strong convictions about the Regulative Principle, sanctifying the Lord's Day, and the means of grace day by day in the home and especially week by week in the assembly as the Lord's program for growing Christians. As such, in addition to simple biblical worship and the sanctifying of the Lord's Day, there is a strong emphasis on congregational mutual edification in fellowship on the Lord's Day, and house to house ministry of the elders, especially with a focus on helping the head of the household shepherd his family spiritually.

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