In Case You Missed It – Oct 8. 2021

We Are Reformed

Starting this week we’ve decided to change up a few things, including how we deliver updates. Here’s an overview on these changes in no particular order:

  1. First off, In Case You Missed It (ICYMI) will take the form of a weekly digest (God willing) and will provide a summary of new updates, content, news, and more.

  2. Second, our push notifications for browser system will only pull from this category going forward. We realized that the rate we are publishing new content (1-2 new articles daily) would present an annoyance to our subscribers and would result in 1-2 notifications daily. We don’t want to bombard your browser, so going forward we will push out a once a week ICYMI digest notification only. The only exception would be for important notices.

  3. We’ve kicked off our new “Common Questions” articles. During our research we found that A LOT of folks are searching Google and other search engines with reformed oriented questions such as: “What do Reformed Christians believe about Baptism?”, “What is Reformed Theology in a Nutshell?“, and “What books should someone new or curious about Reformed Theology read?“. The goal of Common Questions will be to provide a short and concise answer with links to resources should they want to go further/learn more.

New content you may have missed

The French Confession
WSC Q.7 – What are the decrees of God?
The Scots Confession
What books should someone new or curious about Reformed Theology read?
WSC Q.8 – How doth God execute his decrees?
What Are The Doctrines of Grace?
WSC Q.9 – What is the work of creation?

News you may have missed

Doug Wilson is once again in the spotlight thanks to not only an article on, Inside the Church That Preaches ‘Wives Need to Be Led with a Firm Hand’, but also courtesy of his response(s) found on his site, Like a Tabloid Tarantula. No matter your take on Doug, drama and accusations have followed him for years. Perhaps sooner than later we’ll know which Doug is real… the one he presents or the one his critics present.

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