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Author:  We Are Reformed
Date: March 9, 2021

Updated 10/12/2021

The following Terms of Use or ToU, govern the usage of this site, WeAreReformed.com (henceforth referred to as We Are Reformed and/or WAR), and it's associated entities, applications, servers, and any other related technology:

WAR is a privately ran website and entity that is made publicly available without cost to you the end user. As such:

  • We reserve the right to update and/or amend these ToU at any time without notice. Continued usage of our site constitutes an acceptance of said ToU both now and in the future.
  • We reserve the right to deny access to anyone, for any reason as we see fit without notice.
  • We may at our discretion run donation campaigns to help support the costs associated with this site and associated technologies.
  • We do not guarantee that all features and/or content will be accessible and/or available indefinitely due to the volatility of technologies.
  • You, the end user, by accessing our site and associated content and/or technologies, agree to waive any and all litigation rights against WAR, it's Owners, members of the Admin/Moderation Team, other users and/or members, or anyone else associated with us both directly and indirectly including internal and/or external technologies we may use.
  • You, the end user, have read and acknowledge to respect our Statement of Beliefs. (We accept those who may have differing views, however, we will not allow obvious challenges, insults, or heretical nonsense to be posted and/or promoted by any user).
  • You, the end user, have read and agree to abide by our forum/communities rules as posted in our Community Guidelines
  • We allow you, the end user, to remove any and all personal data associated with your forum/community account to be deleted at any time within your User Profile/Account. (Please note that your entire account and it's associated personal data will be deleted, however we reserve the right to keep any and all content you post.)
  • We respect your right to ownership of the content you create, however, we reserve the right to keep, maintain, and use content you post in our forum/community. Furthermore, we reserve the right to repost, share, and otherwise redistribute said content as we deem necessary and/or appropriate. (Example: sharing content across our social media accounts.)
  • We reserve the right to block, restrict, ban...etc access to our site and associated content both here and externally, any individuals or entities we deem a threat or who otherwise violate any aspect of these ToU.
  • Any and all content, unless otherwise noted, it to be consider the exclusive property of WAR. (content we share from external entities is considered to be owned by them unless otherwise noted.)
  • As a supporting member, you agree to the terms laid forth in the Supporter Terms and Conditions.
  • We reserve the right to prohibit, deny, and/or remove any church listed in our directory without reason or explanation.
  • Church Directory listings are consider "as is" and are not "claimable" by the anyone and are provided as a free service. (Should you see an error in a listing, you the viewer, should use the designated button labeled "Update This Listing" located on the respective church listing).
  • You, the end user, are entitled to no compensation of any sort for any content posted on our website and/or respective online outlets (social media, podcast, blog...etc).
  • No listing, either in the Church Directory, Resource, or anywhere else on this site, is to be construed as an endorsement by any parties involved for the other unless otherwise directly noted. All listings and their respective content are for informational purposes only.
  • We use images that are considered as "Public Domain" and therefore fall under the fair usage laws here in the United States. Please refer to our Legal Notice & Disclaimer for more information.


Due to the nature of the services/technologies we provide, we use tracking (analytics), cookies (logins, etc), and caching (storing content in your browser to improve page loading) to provide the best possible service. These are necessary for the overall functioning and useablity of our site.

Any personal and/or analytical data (such as page views, duration, geographic location, etc) collected during your usage and/or visit to this site is used directly by our team to help us provide the best possible experience and service.

We do not and will not, share or sell your information to any third party entities.

By visiting and using our website and associated entities, you consent to the aforementioned services (tracking, cookies, caching, and any other technology we may use.)

In short, by visiting and using any aspect of this site and/or any associated WAR entities constitutes your agreement and consent with these ToU.

If you disagree with these ToU, please click here.

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