Christian Reformers, Brave and Bold

Author:  We Are Reformed
Date: February 1, 2023

Christian reformers, brave and bold,
Their hearts on fire, their souls on hold.

With Scripture as their guide and sword,
They fought for truth, their hearts outpoured.

Luther, Calvin, Zwingli and more,
Their names will live forevermore.

They stood against the corruption and lies,
And preached the truth that would arise.

The Word of God they did proclaim,
And with it, they ignited a flame.

They battled for the gospel's sake,
And for the church, a new path to make.

They faced persecution and disdain,
But through it all, their faith did remain.

Their teachings and writings still inspire,
And their legacy will forever fire.

The Christian reformers, brave and true,
Their deeds and words, forever anew.

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