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  • post tenebras lux (after darkness, light)

    Post Tenebras Lux (After Darkness, Light)

    February 26, 2023
    The phrase "Post Tenebras, Lux" (After darkness, light) was a rallying cry of the Protestant Reformers during the 16th century.…
  • christian reformers, brave and bold

    Christian Reformers, Brave and Bold

    February 1, 2023
    Christian reformers, brave and bold, Their hearts on fire, their souls on hold. With Scripture as their guide and sword,…
  • reformation day

    Reformation Day

    October 31, 2021
    Reformation day, or halloween for others, marks the day in 1517 when Martin Luther (1483-1546) strode up to the church…
  • in case you missed it oct 30 2021

    In Case You Missed It – Oct, 30 2021

    October 30, 2021
    Welcome to our weekly roundup of news, updates, and other exciting things you may have missed. This weeks line up…