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The order of salvation or the ordo salutis, focuses on the order of salvation based on the acts of God and the individuals response within it. Ultimately the ordo salutis is not concerned with a temporal sequence of events, but with a logical order. There are two main camps or beliefs within this.

Historically there has been disagreement in the church about the order of salvation, mainly between those in the Reformed and Arminian camps. The following two views reveals the stark difference between these two main historic views. Keep in mind that both viewpoints are based on the redemptive work which Christ accomplished for His people in history, but ultimately only one is supported by scripture.

Reformed Position

The ordo salutis is: 1) election/predestination (in Christ), 2) Atonement 3) gospel call 4) inward call 5) regeneration, 6) conversion (faith & repentance), 7) justification, 8) sanctification, and 9) glorification. 1.

Arminian Position

The ordo salutis is: 1) outward call 2) faith/election, 3) repentance, 4) regeneration, 5) justification, 6) perseverance, 7) glorification.

So, what is the correct order of salvation?

The reformed position is the only one between the two that has actual biblical foundation. Many Arminian oriented denominations believe they alone choose God and as such through their own choosing and subsequent works are they saved. However scripture clearly rejects this and proves that first, we never seek out God unless he first calls us 2; and second, that left on our own, none seek after God 3. Ultimately it is God who calls us to him first, and God who places his seal upon us. We can neither save ourselves nor undo what God has done.

Check out our infographic we’ve added for more info on the order of salvation. Also check out the linked resources below for a deeper study into this topic.

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ordo salutis order of salvation

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